Syncretease ~ a collage portfolio

Welcome to my studio

Collage-making tools are few: X-acto knife ( #11 blades ), Restickable Glue Stick, cutting board, magnifying glasses, images sourced from books, magazines, posters, postage stamps, etc. and acid free cardboard or foamboard on which to stick chosen pics.

Time frame of this collection of work: about 30 years. Some collages came together within a few weeks; most took months or more to create. The World Awhirl triptych, for example, took more than a decade. Naturally, work and family life often edged collage-making to the side. As these demands have eased, more fun awaits in the studio.

The portfolio is arranged according to five themes: Whimsical, Political, Fantastical, Spiritual, Consequential. Click on a theme and then click on the individual works to view a larger image and learn more.