Mother Earth Meets Sky God

Mother Earth Meets Sky God – 2011, collage, 85cm x 95cm/34in x 38in, © 2020 Dixon Adair


This is a fanciful play with vividly colored images meant to capture a reconciliation between earth and sky deities.

A tightly-jeaned female figure, her knees blend into airplane wings. Her high heels rest atop a white Cadillac enmeshed in the honeycomb of Lake Natron, a soda lake in the Rift Valley.

Stone statues commissioned by Mussolini for EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma, a residential business district outside Rome) look on past a brass band parade that flanks the base of the Giza Pyramid which breaks into view above the girl’s waist. The steering wheel of a race car doubles as a nest for a variegated clutch of eggs. The steering wheel spoke to the left leads the eye to a snail riding an evolving molecule, the right spoke to a bird on a branch. The top spoke leads to a Buddha’s meditating hand gesture and a lifesaver against the silhouette of the Great Torii Gate at Itsukushima Shrine. Along the top frame, the sun rises and sets in the background.

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