Year of the ox – 2009

Year of the Ox – 2009, collage, 40cm x 47cm/16in x 18in, © 2020 Dixon Adair


An attempt to capture the financial and housing crisis faced by the newly elected President Obama:

The White House portico, like a beggar’s cup, is filled with green plastic Monopoly houses and No. 2 pencils; a folded million dollar bill spills over and a cup handle with a Made in China sticker hints at further borrowing in the form of T-bills. Suspended directly above, a communion host with a partial Obama sticker upon a paten becomes one with the back of the president’s head. Playing cards, gambling chips, and coins allude to the wild gambles in hedge fund trading of derivatives and subprime lending that got us into the financial mess. And all the while greenhouse gases accumulate and go unaddressed.

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