Troy Ploy

Troy Ploy – 2016, collage, 80cm x 100cm/32in x 40in, © 2020 Dixon Adair


This collage captures the Fall of Troy.  It is dominated by images of power, war and fury, containment and escape, doom and relief.

Zeus, on high (actually the Appenine Colossus at Villa Pratolino), straddling the ominous Hand of Doom, drops his naked daughter, Helen of Sparta, onto the Greek helmeted owl of Athena which soars over Troy.  The wings of the owl blend into the composite pieces of an upside down Eiffel Tower that plunge into the flames of ancient Troy.  The mountain upon which Troy sits blends into a fearsome dragon landscape.

Armed GIs in camouflage hide (may require that you zoom in to see them) within the belly of The Trojan Horse whose legs are those of seductive ladies. From out of the trap door an arm reaches through the walled city of Troy, brandishing a victor’s wreath, whose shape is echoed on the right by the head of a dragon blended into the horse’s mane.  Its presence reveals the true character of the seemingly benign horse. 

In the lower right, a giant squid, propelled from the sea, captures and devours Laocoön, who warned of the peril to come if the Horse were to enter the Gates of Troy.

The Greek liner at the bottom returns home.  To the left, Ulysses on stilts, will have tall tales to tell when he reaches his Ithacan home. 

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