Gun Wrath Wreath

Gun Wrath Wreath – 2020, collage, 71cm/28in diameter, © Dixon Adair 2020

Gun Wrath Wreath

Can Civitas sprout from the barrel of a gun?

Guns are such an integral part of the American psyche that even just talk of controlling their sales or ownership provokes shots across the bow.

Wreaths lain for the slain are counted by the tens of thousands every year.

The trigger for this collage was hearing the mayor of Baltimore plead with his citizenry to curb gun violence as hospital beds were needed for COVID patients.

The collage, like a target, is a series of concentric circles—a wreath encircling sunflowers that in turn circle a skull. Interspersed among the leaves of the wreath are scenes of common gunplay. Numerous bullet holes puncture the wreath.

Red blood cells form the outer rim.

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