Seeding the Cosmos

Seeding the Cosmos, 2015, collage, 74cm x 89cm/29in x 35in (oval) © 2020 Dixon Adair


This piece evokes the question of whether human life was introduced from beyond or arose on its own on earth. A wink to the creationist.

On the left, a B-1 bomber with a Shiva trident on its refueling port serves as the vehicle for an omni-eyed Hindu-like god as he cruises the ever swirling cosmos. As a blue whale shark swims under him, the god casts out seed: the ethnicities of mankind that fill an arc of evolution culminating in an astronaut that beams through the primordial Rafflesia flower into a shipwrecked landscape, representing the many attempts to leave earth orbit. Emerging through a black hole caught in a shell is a successfully launched galleon that makes its way to other worlds spawned by a cosmic jellyfish.

Above, within a Zuni bowl, an exploding universe, courtesy of Hubble, arises within a domed upside down amphitheatre. The red-tail lights suggest the red shifting of the ever-expanding universe. Below, as a counter to the creationist view, hands holding Clovis points spark creation and human evolution set against dividing cells and fireworks.

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