Cosmic Nest

Cosmic Nest, 2019, collage, 61cm x 92cm/24in x 36in © 2020 Dixon Adair


This collage was inspired by a BBC David Attenborough clip of a male puffer fish fashioning its nest on the sea floor.  The nest is a masterpiece of design well worth viewing here.

With the nest as the starting point, I have overlaid it with strips of varying landscapes from across the world. In the center lie interwoven galactic panoramas of the universe, courtesy of the Hubble telescope. 

To the right, a Masaai warrior leaps out, propelled by his staff, headed to distant worlds, perhaps towards a puffer fish “Saturn” far away in the cosmos.

Opposite is a starfish draped across the famed red star, Monocerotis. 

A Martian landscape spreads out across the top with a cathedral window panel bursting with sunlight.

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