Slow Time Flies

Slow Time Flies – 2021, collage, 61cm x 122cm/24in x 48in, © Dixon Adair 2021

Slow Time Flies

Modeled on a grandfather clock, this collage reflects the weird sense of time experienced during a pandemic.

The two medallions at the top of the composition frame a woman at the village fountain pictured in postcards from the medieval town of La Alberca: one of the photos was taken when she is a young maiden; the other, when she was nearing the end of her life.

What happened in between?

In the top half, bordered in white, the Book of Time lies open, its pages comprised of mollusk fossils. Resting on it is a pocket watch containing a sundial, half of which is covered by a slug sliding over the wing of a fly. In the foreground, an elderly drummer marks time.

Beneath it, a pendulum swings in its case, its movement echoed by a sinuous reptilian fossil. Chandeliers act as the hanging weights of the clock.

The four smaller pocket watches on either side of the pendulum case suggest (moving clockwise from top left): spring (flowers), speed (stork emerging from a Kiva), fall (veins of a dying leaf), and slowness (sloth emerging at The Great Wall).

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