Ave Eva

Ave Eva, 2016, collage, 80cm x 100cm/32in x 40in, © 2020 Dixon Adair


A happy celebration of the birth of Eve, in this case a Himba maiden, rising from a beluga-cradled earth, sprouting a sea anemone.  Allegorical wings are fashioned from a fusion of Uluru (Ayers Rock), sleeping flamingos and Malian hand-hammered gold earrings.  Minor deities leap from Benin ivory leopards celebrating her arrival.  Atop Eve’s head, a ceremonial stone enclosure encircles fruits of temptation against the vault of the Temple of Heaven (Beijing). 

Across the arched horizon frieze, recognizable archaeological figures and monuments fan out between book-ended llama and Viking dragon heads.

The Almighty, a bejeweled octopus set in an anemone, guides the hand of a bent shaman in his prophesy, painted across the alarmed young head of humanity.  Attending animals look on.

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