Transubstantiation, 2015, collage, 90cm x 130cm/36in x 52in, © 2020 Dixon Adair


This is an updated mano ponderosa or all-powerful hand that brings magical protection and benediction.  In an attempt to capture the power and mystery of transubstantiation, it serves as a quasi-altar piece.

In a field of human bones poured over by gargoyles sits a chalice with suspended host backed by atomic power from which rises Atlas (Rockefeller Center) bearing new life. Above a crater lake rises the outline of an all-powerful hand brought to life by lightning emanating from God’s all-seeing eye. 

The body of Christ is represented by the skewered loaves of bread, upper left, and his blood by the wine, upper right.  His suffering is depicted as lava flowing down from a heart toward the center of a hand.  The wine on the right transforms itself into his blood as it undergoes alchemistic electric charge through the middle finger.  Both flow to the stigmata in the center of the palm, framed by an olive wreath.  In the center, a round loaf of bread in turn frames a hand holding grapes (courtesy of a Tunisian postage stamp).

Atop the thumb is a bee representing hard work, dedication, and eloquence as adopted on the Papal Coat of Arms.  Barbed wire representing the Crown of Thorns crosses a wheat field to a barred window through which divine light strikes a prism to shine all colors to the stigmata.  Voladores whirl below in honor of the Sun, Wind, Earth, and Water.

The index finger points skyward between two reverential columns.  Lamb chops and bread are suspended at the side.  Upon the ring finger and pinkie are the two thieves from Christ’s crucifixion, the Lamb of God between them.  A Menorah lights the hand from below. 

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