The Measure of God

The Measure of God, 2013, collage, 81cm x 102cm/36in x 52in © 2020 Dixon Adair


This piece is a compilation of images of God.

An impressionistic seated Buddha teases itself into view within a large isosceles triangle dominating the center of the panel.  At the top of the triangle, a pounding heart serves as a face, white wings as shoulders.  The Madonna lying down, her face substituted by the interior of the Blue Mosque dome, serves as the left knee while the Cretan Phaistos Disc, set inside a hopscotch game suggesting Saturn’s Rings, serves as the right knee.  Hands among lit candles offer up a blessing.

In the center, rising from a vessel flanked by spiked clams is the Kaaba’s framed meteorite.  When seen with the church apse above, the whole becomes a sacred Hindu lingam. Below, within a SETI dish encircled by a gold Celtic bracelet, an angel guards a hand that rises within an hexagonal pattern of ferns in a gesture of blessing.

Mesoamerican deities grip the Giza pyramid behind the Sphinx.  On either side of a gold pyx, Shinto wrestlers stand guard over the Torah amid praying hands.

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