9-!! – 2017, collage, 46cm x 80cm/18in x 40in, © 2020 Dixon Adair


At the end of the Twentieth Century, the US was at the pinnacle of its power and influence. The “V-sign,” standing for peace and victory, signifies how Americans saw themselves. 9/11 upended this self-image and eroded American confidence, replacing it with fear and uncertainty.

The small hand flashing a Peace sign in the lower middle part of the panel on the upside down tower is the key to the composition:  The double angled images of the Twin Towers (at night and in daylight) in the upper part of the panel mimic the V-symbol. Reverberating from them are rows of orderly fields in the heartland of America suggesting the seismic impact of this event. The shark head that blends into the jet engine acts as the thumb and thenar (the fleshy mass at its base), the Pentagon serves as knuckles, and the smaller image of the down-turned Twin Towers as the curled ring and pinkie fingers. 

Atop the towers a winged shark dives into an upside down 9/11 Memorial pool.  The added airplane wings to the sides of the pool recall the shape of the B-2 stealth bomber that is sent to settle scores in Afghanistan.

In the upper right is the ill-fated American Airlines flight 93.

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